Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Babyhood Has Officially Come to An End

He went from this (4D ultrasound at 22 weeks) to:

this...Tot at 3 days ...to

this. Here he is at 3 years old. Where did my baby go?
Tot started climbing out of his crib last week. Multiple times. I was afraid he'd get hurt if we let him continue to stay in his bed. So, sniff sniff, we went shopping for a big boy bed for him. When we told him about his new bed, he didn't seem too enthused. He loves his crib. Hubby and I weren't exactly enthused either. Shopping for S.'s bedroom furniture was awful. We could only find a boy's bed at one store. An expensive store. Not making that mistake again! One store only had two boy's beds, and even they looked ugly and cheap. So you can imagine how much we were not looking forward to it.
The first store we went to is a store that I hate. However, I thought I remembered that they had a good selection, so I was just going to take one for the team if we found one we liked. (This store's customer service ends when you buy something. If something goes wrong, don't hold your breathe waiting for them to fix it!) Back to the point. I was surprised that we didn't find a bed there that we liked. Off to the second store.

We then went to Value City Furniture. Hey, I can hope to get a deal, can't I? No luck there. Then Hubby came up with another store whereupon we bought a bed. I like it a lot. So far. It's not in the house yet.

That night Hubby took one of the sides off the crib, so Tot could get used to having a bed vs. a crib. The crib turns into a daybed, but it would be too small for Tot soon.

My mood has changed from excitement; I can decorate another room, to sadness. My baby is no longer a baby, and now that he'll have a regular bed and no crib, he'll look like the big boy that he is. No more fooling myself into believing we still have a baby in the house. Now I'm officially a mother of two big boys. Now I feel old.