Friday, July 24, 2009

Little Boy No More

I'm sure every mother goes through the 'he's growing up too fast' moments. I also am willing to bet that these same mothers also have the 'he has got to get older and out of this house or we're going to kill one another' thoughts. BTW, just in case the perfect mom police are reading this, I don't mean literally kill each other.
The other day my neighbor said she could see the signs of S.'s little-boy look going away. He looks more like a boy, no little about it. Having four kids herself, she told me this happens around first grade. And even if she was a little off on her calculations, S. lost his first tooth. Time to lose those baby teeth and grow in his adult 'permanent' teeth. I'm okay with it as long as he doesn't ask me to pull them out. Yuk!

I think I have mentioned S.'s T-Ball career, and how he grew to love it, here. All of us wish T-Ball hadn't ended. We'd love to go to another one of his games. I am on the kids' computer, our old one, right now so I'll have to post the most adorable picture at another time. I took it at his first game. Damn, I love this kid more than he'll ever understand until he becomes a parent himself. Now if he would stop sneaking my food, get rid of the smart mouth, stop beating on his younger brother, listen and listen...and listen some more, I think we'd all be a lot happier!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New **Edited**

***The woman which I had been talking about, came to my house on Monday. I overreacted big time!
Since I have been the new person more times than I can count, I have always been sensitive to people who are new to the area. I've always done this in school too. I know how lonely and overwhelming it can be to move to a new area.

Back in the fall I met a women with a two-month old and a two year old. She was from another state, and left all her family behind to move for her husband's job. We exchanged e-mail addresses, as I told her all of the things that were out there for moms in our area.

I researched different classes for moms/kids. Family events, as well as churches. It took me a while to do, but that was fine because I like to help people out. I told her about the MOPS group that I am the coordinator for, the day and date of the next meeting. She did come to that, and seemed to enjoy herself, which was good. I invited her to my house afterwards for lunch as well as a play date for the kids. We did that a few times which was nice.
Even during the coldest weather we would meet at each other's houses. It was nice, and my kids love her and her kids.

She took on a job at nights at a sports bar type restaurant. Tips are great etc., but poor her, sometimes she doesn't get in until after 2:00 AM. She was going to try to do something about the hours since it's very hard to be a mommy when you've had no sleep. When she was in a bind one time, I took care of her kids who my kids love to play with.

I reminded her last month about this cool truck show for kids, and she made it. She ran into a few other people. I was calling her phone like crazy to to tell her where to meet us, but something wasn't right with her phone or something. Meanwhile she ran into other MOPS' members, and that's when I saw her.
Well, I've e-mailed her about getting together. At that time she was on vacation. I left it as when she got back into town, call me. I've never heard from her.
Last Friday, we had a zoo day with the MOPS group. I initially told her about it a month or so ago, and our member who sets these things, sent an e-mail reminder. I met up with a bunch of the members and had a great time, but no this friend. Come to find out, a few other members, the same o nes from the truck thing, decided to meet only with each other apparently. Well, she was with them. I knew that she had play dates with theses people which is cool. The more friends the better.

It seems as though I'm being divorced or 'phased out' as they said on one episode of Friends. This has happened to me several times before. I introduce my new friends and other friends, and they'd rather be with them. Now the MOPS moms I introduced her to never were good friends of mine, more like the kind that I only see at MOPS meetings, so it's not like I lose best friends or anything. It just kind-of hurts my feelings, you know. Has this ever happened to any of you???

Friday, July 17, 2009

Good vs. Average??? You Make the Choice

A random question that's popped in my head. Was/is it easier it break up with an average guy rather than a very goodlooking one? (or one that is better looking than another). Do you stay in the relationship longer because he's a good person and you love hearing how 'hot' your boyfriend is? Can his looks and the attention you subsequently receive, be intoxicating? Like the attention is great. It's fun having people be jealous, particularly people you don't like? Does the vision of a pretty picture with beautiful children make it harder to leave/be left? To miss the attention, for a little while, to come to peace that the pretty picture would have been a lie? To truly believe that the song by 'The Offspring' in which one of the lyrics reads "the more you suffer, the more it shows you really care" is the truth? Is a goodlooking man harder to get over when they break up with you? Even when you worried that some other woman would come along and he'd cheat on you? Or do you think in 10 years he's going to see all he's missed, and then a divorce will be looming in the horizon via Jon Gosseling? (I've thought about THAT situation lately)! Does your self-esteem plummet? Is it easier to get over an average looking guy than a goodlooking one? When you see him out in public would both guys make your heart thump in that 'oh my God. I haven't seen him in years' kind of way. Knowing that you loved them both, a lot, would one be harder to see now over the other? And the BIG question: would it feel weird/make you a little jealous to see him with another woman, and to see that he has a family with her? Like what did she have over me, even when you're the one who did the breaking up or vice-versa? Like she is living the life that almost was mine? Would it have been easier to break up with average guy than a goodlooking one? I know I'm talking myself into a circle here. Ala, Carrie Bradshaw--Sex in the City, I've really been wondering that. It's also a question you can't ask all your girlfriends; it's easier, and probably more truthful, to ask people outside your inner circle. I don't really know the answer, but I'd like to. Please let me know your thoughts.

Friday, July 10, 2009


This summer has basically sucked weather wise. It rains every week, and many times it's for multiple days. Now we have cold winters. It is too much to ask for some summer-like weather? Anyway, we have been busy. With T-Ball practice and swimming lessons, and not to mention VBS we're keeping ourselves moving. The only problem with that is our house is cluttered, and I haven't gotten the energy to clean it. Anyone else that way? In the morning, I'm ready to go. Shortly after, though, I just don't want to do it. Now my house is clean, it's just cluttered with toys and the like. I hate clutter, but I'm learning to not stress over it.

I always have a blog entry in my head until it's time to write it. Sorry this is so boring. Hubby and I have decided we need to go see my grandfather and uncle's family. No one is getting any younger, and I want to ask my grandfather questions about our family so these stories live on. The older I get, the more I want to know our family's history.
For this trip, we would like to go sans kids. We'll only be gone 5 days. Since Hubby has travelled so extensively, we can get two tickets to fly free on United. We only have one more year until his points expire. I'm going to try to get my brother and his family to watch them. I will beg if that's what it takes! Originally, I had planned on having that babysitter/nanny person I hired watch them in the day, and in the evening my brother could pick them up. However, she quit before she even started! Apparently, she wanted a full-time position and mine is only part-time. It pissed me off because I had been upfront in the beginning and she accepted the hours. Anyhow, now my brother would have my kids all day and night. That's a lot with S. being so active. I just pray they can do it, because we need to buy our tickets ASAP. It would be pure bliss not having the kids on the airplane!

I do have a sitter come twice a week for a few hours. During that time I work-out, do errands and the like. It is so much faster and enjoyable to go without the kids. Boy, it must sound like I don't love my children and I do! I just need a break every now and then. Speaking of which my youngest still takes naps, but is the one that is currently making loud noises to get attention. The older one said he was going to sleep. As long as he's quiet, I don't care. (Now the older one is noisy. Great. What can I do?)

I can't believe Hubby and I will be married 11 years next week! We also were together three years prior to our wedding. I always thought I would get bored after being with someone for so long, but nope, I haven't.

Well, there you have it. A complete mish-mosh. Hopefully next time I have something to write about.