Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hearing the Bells

On Friday, I picked S. up from Summer Camp. As we were walking out, a church was playing its bells to signify the hour of 12:00 had begun. I said to S. that Grandma Debbie, my mom, always loved hearing church bells. S. then turns to me and asks, "Can Grandma Debbie still hear the bells?" I said to him with tears in my eyes,"I think she can S.; I think she can."

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back To Life, Back To Reality

Last week, Hubby and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary by taking a much needed vacation sans kids. This is the first time we left them this long. It was only 5 days, but we've only left them for a weekend at my brother's. Believe me, I would have left them and gone on a vacation long ago if my mom was still alive. Or if my ILs were normal people.
Hubby and I stayed here. We were going to go to Hawaii for our anniversary since Hubby has all of those points from flying all over the world, but my brother couldn't take them all week. And if you're going to Hawaii, if you have less than a week, what's the point. So a 2 hour drive to the resort was all we could manage.

We had so much fun! Couples' massages, swimming in the 'adults only' pool, Dining at nice, but casual, restaurants. Oh, how wonderful it felt to not have to decide what we're having for dinner! Reading book in peace and quiet! Being able to have a conversation with each other, without being interrupted so often that we forgot what we were saying in the first place. Anyone know what I mean on that one? Oh, how relaxing it was. Then Friday came. We had to leave. I did not want to leave. I did not miss my children. I only missed my dog since I sleep with her every night. Isn't that awful? Am I a bad mother?
Well, came back we did, and the noise started immediately. We definitely are back to reality!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Of Course It Happened In Front of The Kids!

Yesterday I took the boys with me to 7-11 to get a 'Big Gulp.' I really love Coca-Cola! Anyway, I brought it into the family room to drink. The kids are not allowed to have any food or drink in this family room. What happened, you ask? I accidentally kicked the coke off of the coffee table. At first, I was more upset by the fact that my beloved cola had spilled and only a fraction of it was left. Hey, Mama needs her caffeine buzz! Then I discovered that all of that cola was all over the carpet. The beige carpet. Yep. The only thing I could think of to tell the boys was,"See that's why we don't drink in the family room." Duh!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Is This Normal For a Massage???

I was able to have a massage the other day, pure nirvana!, and something surprised me. The masseuse moved my underwear to the sides, and massaged my butt. The entire cheek area. It didn't feel sexual at all, it just felt weird. Yes, I have had a massage at that spa before and I never got a 'butt massage'. My question here is has anyone else been given a 'butt massage'. Is this normal???