Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas BS

Christmas is always a hot button issue in many households. You know, who's going to have the day at their house. Since my mother has died I have been cooking Christmas dinner. I believe only one Christmas I haven't). It really helps to keep busy on a holiday that is supposed to bring cheer and happiness, which does not do either one for me anymore. I dread the hoidays nearly as much as I dread the cold and snow which blankets us into spring. My mom was right, though, your kids get you through it. Never a truer statement was said. Without those little guys I'd either be in my bed under a blanket or in a warm place, but I digress.

My father has unofficially ruined what was left of Christmas for us. He has yet to tell me his wife is having the 'celebration' over at their house. Yes, it is only the 19th. If my SIL hadn't told me accidently on Thursday night, I still would think I was cooking. It appears I'm not even invited to this day where family means so much. My dad told said SIL that he would come to my house for an hour. I presume this is to see my sons who think that Grandpa and Grandma D. are coming for the day along with all of their cousins. My husband told my SIL that all I have is my brother, her and the kids as well as my dad. That's it. Unfortunately it's true. My dad's family is nuts and has dwindled in size. We don't celebrate the holidays with them, which believe me is a good thing. My mom's family is awesome, but most live in CA or AZ, and even then it's not a ton of people. I don't have those big families. Hey, I don't even have the sister I always wanted. Anyway. My father has not called me at all still. And we actually are quite close. I'm pretty sure my SIL told him how upset I was. My belief is if you can't call or talk to someone then you know what your doing is wrong.

It has turned out that now my brother and SIL are going to her family's on Christmas Day rather than Christmas Eve because she has to work until 4PM instead of the usual 2PM. So yep, we will be alone for Christmas. The holiday that can make me sob in an instance. My mother has to be turning over in her grave. So, thanks Dad. (We have since talked and apologies given. Still wish my mom was here. It's not Christmas without.)