Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Does Everyone Have a Twin???

When I was in high school, my boyfriend, the lovely one I wrote about, told me that he had an embarrassing situation to tell me about. He told me that he saw me, or what he thought was me, in the hallway. Thinking it was me, he went to grab her hand and said, "Hi Hun." He said he was shocked and embarrassed when she turned to him and gave him the what the fuck are you DOING look. Of course I did not believe him. I mean come on. No one can look that much like another person. It's just not possible.
Later two friends of mine came up to me to tell me the same story. Well, close to the same story. They didn't try to hold her hand. They kept saying to me,"She really does look like you." The next year when the high school yearbook was out, I heard from more people how this same girl looked, yep, just like ME, and these people didn't even know the others.
Two years ago while I was running the track at the gym, a man came up to me and started talking. I had my headphones on, so I could only see his surprised expression when he realized I wasn't the woman he thought I was. I took the headphones off, and he was so stunned that he told me the woman's name, Brigette..., and exactly where she worked. He said it was like looking in the mirror. It shocked him. O--kay.
And then I finally had it happen to me. Tot started the new session of tumbling. We have new people who have joined. We all start out in a large, red circle. Since it was the first class, we all introduced ourselves. As we went around the circle, I saw her. Now I was the person with the shocked look on her face. Guys, she looks just like me, expect with blue eyes. It's freaky! It really is like looking in the mirror. Maybe everyone really does have a twin.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


As of 10 or so minutes ago, I am back online!!! Our modem broke on the weekend, and today was the first day they could get it to me. I am so addicted to the Internet and to these blogs! Anyway, I'm back.
Oh, and I am on cycle day 55 or so. There is no one who can watch my kids this week, so I'm not calling my GYN. Isn't that sad? I can't even go to the doctor.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Now?

I am on cycle day 48 and no period. Others have told me I need to call my doctor, because this isn't normal. I have to admit, though, while it's starting to really concern me, I am happy not having a period. Truly happy. That is if something major isn't wrong with me. Has anyone experienced something like this ever? If so, please tell me what caused it. People are starting to worry me that it could be something really major.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

And We Wanted Him To Be Potty-Trained Why?.....

A friend of mine and I took our three boys to the zoo. It was a gorgeous day, so we stayed longer than usual. Tot even told me twice when he had to go potty. (Pee, not poops of course!) I figured since he had gone so much that we would be fine for the 35 minute ride home. Oh, silly, silly me! We only just pulled onto the highway from the zoo exit, when my little bundle of love exclaimed,"Mommy, I've got to go potty." Of course, S. repeated what Tot said to me because apparently he thinks I am deaf all. the. time! So I do what any mom in that situation does. I ask him,"Can you hold it?" Luckily, he said yes, but I knew he couldn't do it for long.

When I got to the corner where we turn, I saw a Burger King. I figured he couldn't make it until we got to the nicer town, so I reluctantly turned into the parking lot. Let me say this. ***I hate public restrooms, particularly those of fast food restaurants. They are seldom clean, and I just get a feeling of 'ick' whenever I'm in one. I ran with Tot in hand, and S. following behind, into the bathroom. I felt a sense of dread when I realized that there were only two stalls and one was out of order, and the other 'occupied'. I kept talking loudly about Tot holding it hoping that would make the person in that stall hurry up. When she left, in we went. We made it! And on the way out, I wiped Tot, S.'s and my hands with the wipees that were in my purse. Unfortunately, I watched Oprah one day when their 'germ expert' was on, and I cannot for the life of me get the info. of a sink is the dirtiest place in the bathroom out of my head. That we are most likely to get sick from it, rather than the toilet. That the toilet is cleaner than the sink! Well, I also can't get the info. that one must use a kitchen brush-thing to clean the kitchen sink, because germs will continue to stick there if we don't. Hubby suggested I not watch anymore shows about germs. I'm tryin'! I'm also trying to stay out of fast food restaurant bathrooms. Hopefully, Tot will let me!

***The exception is the McDonald's restaurant in Albion, Michigan. That Mickie D.'s had the cleanest bathrooms of all restaurants, not just fast food restaurant, that I have ever been in. I should've written them that. Ah..I always have good intentions.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


I have been taking an oral acne medication that has made me pretty much have my period all the damn time. Seriously. My cycles have been 17-18 days long, with bleeding (TMI) lasting around 7 days. Yeah. You can imagine then why, when my cycle went up to 25 days, I was so damn happy! Like jumping up and down happy. Well, I guess this is another example of 'be careful what you wish for' crap.
I am on day 37, dangerously close to day 40, at which I think I will call my gynecologist and ask him WTF to do. I have never been in this position before. Well, except when I was on injectables and developed a 33mm cyst, which apparently is very common when taking injectable drugs like Follistim, which I was on. But, and I repeat, I am not on ANY fertility drugs this time. So, do I ask for Provera? Will he want to me to have an U/S to check for cysts? Crap! I don't want to have an U/S. Those were only fun when I had a baby inside of me. I also haven't had a pap since my oldest was 6 weeks old. I am tellin' the truth on that one. My OB didn't give me one in the first trimester with Tot due to the twins' situation, and they forgot to give me one at Tot's 6-week check-up, and I did think of telling them, but I was real tired of having that part of my anatomy touched! So I am also nervous that they'll want me to come in for that, and I have no sitter and my husband works ridiculous hours, and did I mention that he is now on a jury for a case that will take at least 2-3 weeks?! I don't think they'll excuse him to watch our kids due to his wife having to go to the gynecologist! Okay, that's all besides the point.

You want to hear what my husband said to me when I told him how late I am? "Did you take a test?" I responded with,"Did you forget you had a vasectomy?" And with that, I will go and change Tot's poopy diaper that he made during nap time, because this child will not go poop on the potty no matter how many things that I try to bribe him with! Stubborn little shit, ain't he? No pun intended.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Inappropriate, Maybe, But Definitely Funny!

Friday the 22nd was my mom's birthday. I always try to visit her grave on this day. The boys are lucky; they get to go with! At any rate, I told S. that we needed to go to the cemetery. He replied,"What do we need to get there?" It may be time to talk with him about the whole death thing, don't ya' think! But I did answer what a cemetery was and why we go there. When we got to my mom's grave, we sang Happy Birthday softly to her, and then said a prayer. After that I told my mom what the boys were doing. You know kindergarten and preschool etc... Then we went to leave. Now remember my son loves numbers. He kept telling me the years that were on the grave stones. Then it was like a mild competition between the two of us to see which one could find the earliest date. He won. He found the year 1870. It's funny because S. is SO afraid of weeds. He absolutely refuses to walk on them, or touch them in any way! However, he walks over name plates and fresh graves like it's nothing. Hubby and I agree that when he understands what he is standing on, he'll freak out. But for now, he is happy doing that. He's none the wiser.

Now onto Tot's funny story. Monday, the whole family went grocery shopping. Do we know how to celebrate a holiday or what! Well, I needed to buy some tampons, so off we went to that aisle. As we started walking Tot said,"Why are we in the diaper aisle?" Hubby and I just laughed. But then Tot says pointing to a box of Tampax,"I want those." I just told him that he will never be in need of any of these items and walked away. Kids sure say the darn-est things, and made the end of our holiday weekend more bearable.